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7:03pm 01-22-2020
Elva Wicker
I appreciate your website. You have a beautiful church. It would be lovely to visit there starting in Feb. I've moved to Mansfield, Ohio last May and currently looking for a home Church. I need a Church near my home because I don't drive after dark, and like to only drive close to home. I live on Rhein Ave off Wood st. I don't think that would be far for me to drive to First Christian. I hope to hear from someone if you have time to send me an email. Thank you, and Blessings! Elva
4:49pm 09-18-2018
Kathleen (Dunn) Choo
My sister was married here in 1960. I was baptized here in 1966. I have fond memories of growing up in this church and participating in the Children's Choir.I hope to stop by for a visit sometime.
9:36pm 10-02-2017
Becky Hoffmann
Great website! Thanks for making it so special.
Replied on: 8:05am 10-03-2017

Thank you for the kind words. Please visit often.

5:01pm 05-18-2017
Valerie Fitzgerald
I am in the area visiting my parents and wanted attend services on Sunday.
Thank you, Valerie Fitzgerald
5:37pm 11-28-2015
Thank you, Sandy and Sue have put a lot of effort into this project.
2:26pm 11-28-2015
Jean McVicar
This is a very nice websight. Thanks to all involved in its creation. It is informative and content very well organized.
6:56am 07-11-2015
Thank you.
10:31pm 07-10-2015
Connie McVicar
I've enjoyed hearing the sermons. Love your webpage.
7:00am 04-05-2015
Thank You.
5:18pm 04-02-2015
I need to visit more often. This is wonderful.
6:06am 07-19-2014
Wayne Lautzenhiser
Love the Website. Tom and all involved have done a great job.
11:54am 05-14-2014
Becky Hoffmann
Website looks great. Thanks so much for the updates, especially the links
1:08pm 05-13-2014
Jane M Stout
Great Job!
2:24pm 11-19-2013
Norma Gongwer
Very nice.
7:31pm 11-16-2013
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